Prueba de nivel: Intermedio Alto / Avanzado

Esta prueba tiene 50 preguntas y cada una vale un punto.

En general, una puntuación de 35/50 indica que el estudiante debería entrar en un grupo de C2 empezando. Por debajo de 35/50 sería más recomendable un grupo de C1 empezando.

1 - She ____ obsessed with rock climbing at a young age.

a: becomes

b: became

c: has become

d: would become


2 - He’s not a stamp collector, ___?

a: was he

b: wasn’t he

c: is he

d: isn’t he


3 - How long ____ you had this car?

a: did

b: do

c: have

d: were


4 ____ anyone get hurt?

a: did

b: were

c: have

d: had


5 - He ____ about birds. It drives me mad!

a: forever talk

b: is forever talking

c: will forever be talking

d: has forever been talking


6 - She keeps ____ her things all around the place which is so annoying.

a: to leave

b: leaves

c: leave

d: leaving


7 - He ____ me to the first game when I was only 6.

a: used to take

b: would take

c: took

d: has taken


8 - At first I ____ starting work so early but this has changed.

a: didn't use to

b: wouldn't

c: didn't have to

d: wasn't used to


9 - My new PC, ____ I bought last week, has already broken down.

a: that

b: which

c: whose



10 - I'd like to see the photos ____ you took on holiday.

a: who

b: whose

c: where



11 - People __________ from the illness find it difficult to relax.

a: suffered

b: suffering

c: who suffering

d: were suffering


12 - You'd better take your coat ____ the weather gets worse.

a: in case

b: otherwise

c: so that

d: in order to


13 - She did a course in confidence building ____ overcome her phobia

a: so that

b: in order to

c: although

d: in case


14 - He ____ a therapist for several years after he left school.

a: has seen

b: has been seeing

c: saw

d: used to seeing


15 - She ____ much better since she left the hospital last week.

a: is feeling

b: feels

c: felt

d: has been feeling


16 - He realized that he ____ his car keys in the office.

a: left

b: has left

c: had left

d: was leaving


17 - We couldn't fall asleep because our neighbours ____ a lot of noise.

a: made

b: had made

c: have made

d: were making


18 ____ plans you might have for the weekend, you'll have to change them.

a: Wherever

b: Whovever

c: Whatever

d: However


19 - They ____ out for a few years before they decided to get married.

a: had gone

b: have been going

c: were going

d: had been going


20 - You won't pass the exam ____ you start revising immediately.

a: as long as

b: provided

c: unless

d: if


21 - We wouldn't have missed the bus if you ____ to chat with Mary!

a: didn't stop

b: hadn't stopped

c: don't stop

d: wouldn't have stopped


22 - The party was so boring I wish I ____ there at all.

a: hadn't gone

b: wouldn't go

c: haven't gone

d: didn't go


23 - If only you ____ more time to spend with the family.

a: would have

b: have had

c: had

d: have


24 - Oh, you're busy? I ____ you later, OK?

a: am calling

b: call

c: have called

d: will call


25 - By the time the guests arrive, we ____ everything for the party.

a: will be preparing

b: will have prepared

c: prepare

d: have prepared


26 - During the next meeting we ____ about setting goals.

a: are talking

b: will have talked

c: will be talking

d: talk


27 - I can't find my keys. I ­____ them.

a: may lose

b: must lost

c: might have lost

d: should have lost


28 - The police stopped us and said we ____ to enter the building.

a: can't

b: couldn't

c: didn't allow

d: weren't allowed


29 - Admission was free so we ____ any tickets.

a: needn't buy

b: mustn't buy

c: didn't need to buy

d: mustn't have bought


30 - I'm not sure if you're aware ____ the risk.

a: of

b: to

c: at

d: in


31 - The horror movie wasn't just frightening! It was ____ terrifying!

a: extremely

b: absolutely

c: very

d: fairly


32 ____ the weather was horrible, we decided to go out for a short walk.

a: Even though

b: However

c: In spite of

d: Despite


33 - We should remind _____ to be thankful for all that we have.

a: us


c: ourselves

d: we


34 - His father asked Dan where ____ all day.

a: had he been

b: was he

c: he had been

d: he has been


35 - She advised him ______ sun cream.

a: putting

b: put on

c: to putting on

d: to put on


36 - She was only 19 when she sailed across ____ Atlantic.

a: a

b: an

c: the



37 - Your leg could be broken so you must have ____ X-ray.

a: a

b: an

c: the



38 - The square was ____ crowded we couldn't pass.

a: so

b: such

c: very

d: as


39 - Two climbers are reported to ____ during the storm last night.

a: die

b: have died

c: had died

d: died


40 - I'll need to have the stairs ____.

a: renovate

b: renovating

c: to renovate

d: renovated


41 - I only paid ₤20 for this jacket! It was a real ____.

a: buy

b: price

c: bargain

d: sale


42 - Jane is always poking her nose in other people's business. She's so ____!

a: inquisitive

b: obedient

c: playful

d: unreliable


43 - As far as I'm ____, I do not support the new government.

a: matter

b: referred

c: according

d: concerned


44 - The window ____ was really imaginative.

a: exhibition

b: display

c: collection

d: vision


45 - She ____ the sack last week and is now looking for a new job.

a: did

b: made

c: took

d: got


46 - She doesn't ____ of my decision.

a: agree

b: approve

c: accept

d: support


47 - During his stay in Indonesia he went ____ with malaria.

a: up

b: off

c: down

d: over


48 - When the customs officers found some illegal goods hidden in the car, he was arrested for ____.

a: assault

b: mugging

c: hijacking

d: smuggling


49 - I can't move the sofa. Could you ____ me a hand with it, please?

a: give

b: get

c: take

d: borrow


50 - I couldn't get in ____ with you all week! Where have you been?

a: contact

b: call

c: touch

d: talk