Hi, my name’s Mary!

 I am eclectic: I was born in London, England to a Russian father and an Irish mother but when I was twelve we moved lock stock and cat basket to Munich, Germany. There I attended Munich American High School, which was, in retrospect, an amazing education.  What I enjoyed most was being in the choir and spending hours after school and at lunchtime making posters for school events.  My best subjects were art, music and English, in no particular order.

 In 1981 I moved to Ireland where I lived for 27 years. During this time I married and raised a family. I got a first class bachelors degree in fine art (I’m very proud of that) and embarked on an artistic career.  I also fell into teaching at that time, and got my teaching qualification in 2005. I then worked for a couple of very happy years as an engineering draughtsman, but I was bored, so I decided to shake up my life a bit. Which I did! I invested my life’s savings and inheritance into buying and renovating a house in Alhaurín el Grande where I lived for ten years.  While in Alhaurín, I did my first TEFL course and began teaching.  I know!  Typically me!  But over the past, almost seven years now I have found that I really love teaching.

 I was very happy in Alhaurín but I felt that I would like to experience life in another place. Which brings me to Málaga and this new chapter of my life. As far as I know, I am here now until the end, but who really knows….Oh! and did I mention the coin designing?....the jazz singing, the haikus, the pop-up cards, the Westies, .....the feathers?......I told you I was eclectic.

See you soon in class!


Universitaria: B.A. in Fine Arts. Crawford College. 

Certificación para dar clases de inglés: Trinity Certificate TESOL