Hey! I’m Ellie,

 I moved to rural Andalucía with my parents and my one year old brother when I was just six weeks old. We had a wild and wonderful childhood, growing up on one of Spain’s very first organic farms where my parents grew oranges, almonds and olives and kept various animals from cows and goats to ostriches and peacocks. I went to the local guardería and then on to big school by which time I was completely bilingual.

When I was ten, my growing family moved back to the UK where I went to boarding school. I missed Spain and the Andalucían way of life but threw myself wholeheartedly into rediscovering my British roots and immersing myself in the culture.

 In 2014 I started at university, an incredible year of which I spent in the Basque Country teaching. I got a first in Modern Languages, Translation, Interpreting and TEFL.

I always knew I would come back to Andalucía but I could not have been more delighted when my first job after graduating was in Malaga.

 I am now embarking upon a new adventure at The New English Centre. Their ethos is a perfect fit for me as my greatest passion is finding exciting, creative and inspiring ways of teaching.


Universitaria: B.A. (Hons) First in Modern Languages, Translation and Interpreting.

Acreditación para impartir clases de inglés: TEFL
 (Teaching English as a Foreign Language))